PESG-050-SE-SS2 Polyester Filter Bag

PESG-050-SE-SS2 Polyester Filter Bag adalah kantong filter berbahan polyester merupakan solusi sempurna untuk aliran proses besar dengan banyak kontaminasi dan oleh karena itu sering digunakan sebagai pra-filtrasi industri minyak santan maupun sistem filtrasi untuk informasi cepat hubungi +62 813 8506 6789


PESG-050-SE-SS2 Polyester Filter Bag

PFI Watermaker PESG-050-SE-SS2 Polyester Filter Bag kualitas terbaik hadir sebagai solusi pengganti spare part industri water treatment power plant dan industrial besar lainnya.


Description Polyester Filter Bag

PFI Standard None-Woven Needle Felt Bags

Industrial standard polypropylene (PPSG) and polyester (PESG) none-woven micron felt bag filters.

Single side glazed to prevent loose fiber migration. Graded pore depth filter media type. No reinforcing insert.

Basic martrix configuration are designed upon more than 30 kinds of fiber. It is key different from those air filtration felt which made from about 3 – 5kinds fiber.

PFI’s PESG and PEB filter bag top flange provides the best bag-to-housing seal in today’s marketplace. During operation, as the filter bag gets dirty causing differential pressure to increase, our flared PESG top flange seal improves providing optimum performance. The integral plastic flange makes installation and disposal easier and there is no metal to worry about. Polyester PEB bag filter offers excellent compatibility with water, petroleum, animal or vegetable oils, organic solvents, alkalies, oxidizing agents, organic acids, mineral acids as well as micro-organisms. Temperature limitation is 275F.  Choose from micron raings of 1 through 200.



PESG-050-SE-SS2 Polyester Filter Bag

Material Bag : Polyester

Micron Size : 50 micron

Ukuran Bag : size #2 ( 7” x 32” )

Ring : Zinc Plate Steel

Max. differential pressure : 36.2 psi (2.5 bar)

Recommended change-out pressure for disposal2 11.6 – 21.7 psi (0.8 – 1.5 bar)

Max. flow rates : 176 GPM (40 m³/h)

General Filtration felt filter bag feature 100% thermally bonded construction and non-fibre-release surface treatment. Top retainer flange and ring options ensure no-bypass sealing.

We stock a wide selection of micron ratings in industry standard sizes for immediate shipment.

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